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Aviation: (79 links)

144mil Paul Gold's 1/144 models
A Scale Modelling enthusiast ! I have prepared a small picture gallery of my preferred models, or at least those I succeeded in photographing decently
Adam's Hobby Corner This page is dedicated to the art of making plastic models of airplanes and related topics.
Aircraft Resouce Center  
Airmodels Show  
Airplanes models  
Attila Jako's Scale Models Image Gallery Most of my models are military aircrafts but I built also some AFVs, cars and an aircraft carrier. I digitalized some pictures with a handy scanner, so the quality is far not the best.
Aviation Nutz Webzine Welcome to what has become a very popular site.  Since it gets updated frequently and is read like a magazine, I guess it has become a webzine and will be referred to as such.  
Aztlanmx 's Home Page  
Dave Askett's Commonwealth Naval Aviation Page  
Dennette's Scale Models One of my hobbies is scale models of aircraft
Djordje Nikolic's Secret Weapons of the LUFTWAFFE page  
Don Color Color and Camouflage Scheme Database for Modeller´s and Color interested.
Scans of available original Colors and Camouflage Drawings. Side is in German and Englisch.
Drewes Modelling Page My main sphere of interest is aviation from 1939 onwards, and this is reflected to a large degree by my modelling choices (mainly 1/72nd and 1/48th) although i have been known to dabble in both airliners and 1/35th scale armour.  
ETYWTKAH Models Expert Advice on Helicopter Models
F-111 Aardvark - Modellers Page This page contains the available kits, aftermarket kit conversions and decals, the paints to use, and a number of reviews.
Flights Of Fantasy Aircraft Model Site  
Franck Wagner Sharkit X-planes & Space Home page dedicated to X-planes, space, and other non-conventionnal aircrafts
German WW2 Night Fighters Resource Page ,The  
IAF Aircraft Ultimately, I hope to provide here reviews of the kits used in this project, but for now, here's a table of what's available
Hardy's camo corner  
HAWK'S HOMEPAGE The goals for this site are to inform modellers, experienced or newbies about the
available or desired plastic kits (vacuum, resin & conversion sets) that
relates to U.S. NAVY / MARINES from the W.W. II era to modern jets.  
Henry's Aviation Page  
Japanese Aircraft Modeling  
Jason's Scale Aircraft Modeling  
Jay Jay's Scale Modelling Tips & Techs This page is specially made for those scale modelers in Malaysia where most of the things used are from the Malaysian market.This page is filled with all kind of tips and techniques required to perfect your models.
Jari Juvonen'S Home Page  
Jason's Scale Aircraft Modeling  
Johans Homepage  
Julian's Plastic Modelling Page In this page I'll show my latest creations with information and related links ...
Kelly's Modeling Site I build plastic models, mostly of aircraft & ships, but enjoy other areas of interest also. I've done a few figures and autos.
Letadla 1914 - 1918  
Lukasz's Modelling Page This page is dedicated to aircraft plastic modelling, although many aspects of military aviation and aviation history interest me.
Martin's Hanger  
Mi-24 Hind from modeller`s view  
Mika Öhman'S HomePage All models are build to 1:72 scale, and painted with brush, no paintsprayer used at all (i don't own one yet). Every model below have brief description about kit, brief planetype history, some technical information, some pictures and possibly links to the internet, to find out more.
Minilotnictwo (Miniaviation) Samoloty plastykowe 1/48 Page about plastic model kit in 1/48 scale. All information only in polish language.
Model Airplane Museum The Model Aircraft Museum Web Site is dedicated to presenting model aircraft that I have built  throughtout the years.
Model building I have included models, I've read about, I've seen or have myself. There's a column of remarks, most of them are my own opinion, but some are also references from magazines as "Fine Scale Modeller" and "Scale Model International" those are especially given when I haven't seen the actual set myself, or when they are in contrast to my findings.
Model Group Dnieper  
Model Hawk's Home Page  
Model Page, The A 1/144 SCALE MODEL PAGE
Modelarstwo lotnicze  
Modelling Flankers in 1-72 scale by Ken Duffey What follows is a description of the major Su-27 Flanker variants, mini-reviews of the 1/72 scale kits available of each variant and detail of how to model them
Northwest Scale Modeler Website  
Owen's Scale Model Page  
Eddie's Modeling Page This page is being created to display my collection
of 1/72 scale model aircraft and little bit of armor.
It will contain pictures of my collection, possibly
some reviews, and links to my favorite modeling
related sites.
Percy' Scale Modeling Page  
PlasticPusher's Home Page + Static Scale Models Web Page Our main focus will be on plastic models (aircraft mostly); but, ALL scale models are included. All aspects of the history, background or research connected with modelling will also be of interest.
P O L Y G O N on the Web  

Publications and references (Reviews, commentaries and images.)

Pulamo page I enjoy building plastic model kits, mainly aircraft, and collectingthem as well. Part of my hobby is photographing warbirds atair museums all over the country.
Rafal Miszczak  
Rob's Scale Aircraft Pages This site is divided into the Modern Flight Gallery, and the WW II Gallery.
Roy Gal's Scale Models I build mostly 1/48 scale modern (Vietnam and newer) aircraft, and 1/48 scale armor, WWII and newer. Here are some pictures of some of my more recent projects.
The Royal Air Force  A scale model collection of frontline RAF fighters since 1939
Scale Model Reviews It has been set up to be a resource for aircraft modellers of scales 1/72 and 1/48 (mainly the former) with honest reviews of a number of kits on the market. New reviews are constantly being added in so keep a look out and any contributions from you are welcome and encouraged.
Scale Modeling Main  
Sprue and Flash - A Plastic Modeling Page A web site dedicated to plastic modeling, tips, tricks, general information, and modeling fun!
Stichting Phantasy in Blue  
Strona Marcina Szczesnego This page is dedicated to all enthusiasts of modelling and airplanes.It contains informations which may be helpful while buying a new model kit and many datas allowing learn more about presented airplanes.
Tim's Aircraft Model Collection My collection of nearly 100 models (still a relatively small collection) is now here for the whole world to see!
Tony's Model Helicopters  
VVS Modeler's Resource Page

Modeling the Aircraft of the Soviet Voyenno-Vozdushnie Sily (VVS), 1930-45


Here you will find information and images about Military Aviation,

Scale Modeling, Comics, Backpacking, Books, Music and Dreams. In short, this page is about anything related to my hobbies...

Wally's Escadrille Wally's Escadrille is a site for the individuals interested in aviation during the 1914-1918 war. Here you will find images of models, and actual aircraft as well as links to other WWI-related pages.
Wings of the Sun This site was originally intended to provide some modeling information on Japanese aviation to non-Japanese speaking modelers since material on Japanese military is rather scarce in English and other languages.
World War I Modeling Page This page is designed to be used to access past articles from the mailing list and information related to World War I Modeling.
WWII German experimental aircrafts Aircraft projects, illustrated with three-view drawings, model photos and custom color artwork....
WW3 speculative scale model aircraft Building scale model aircraft should be fun. As a plastic scale aircraft builder, I have long felt the desire to be creative with my hobby, to ask "what if?"

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Armour: (36 links)

1-48 Scale Bandai Armor Kits Past Sales by Model  
1-76 & 1-72 SCALE AFV MUSEUM This "Cyber Museum" displays several items from my collection of 1/76 and 1/72 scale military vehicles.
Achtung - Dish!!!

From here you can walk around some AFV and notice some details, also I am glad to acquaint   you with some works of my friends.

All American Armor  
AMPS Western Front  
Andre's russian 172-176 scale AFV page!  
Armor In Scale  
ArmourXref Home Page This is a site produced by armour modellers for armour modellers. Many of us have a huge pile of hobby magazines that contain information on just about any modelling project we may want to undertake. An age old problem is remembering which magazine and what issue contains that article or drawing or photo we want right now?  This site hopes to address this problem by building up a comprehensive database that indexes the contents of those magazines by a variety of criteria.
Brian's scale models  
Davlar Armor - Scale Plastic Model Building  
Die Panzertruppe As its name implies, this site is devoted to the soldiers of the German Panzertruppe of the World War 2 era.
Elite Plastic Modelers Club and Photo Museum.  
GI Gene's Armor Museum  
Graham Matthews Homepages  
Kenneth's Modelling Page  
Military Modeling Zone  
Military vehicle modelling  
Model Builders Network  
Modelers Haven  
Moolly's Homepage  
On The Way!  
Panzers Los Photographs of selected 1/35th scale WW2 German AFV's from the collection of Moriarty of Military Modelling
Retro-ROCO This web site is dedicated to the collecting and trading of ROCO Minitanks.
Small Scale Armor Modelling  
S.T.O.R.M This site is specially dedicated to promote miniature modelling by sharing resources with all modellers around the world. I do hope that you will enjoy your short stay here & most importantly, benefits from the FREE resources found here.
STEVE'S MODEL MANIA This site is dedicated to providing a good resource base for modellers who's primary interest lies with armour modelling , mainly with WWII .
Tanks! This page is dedicated to the history and technology behind German, Soviet, American, and British Armoured Fighting Vehicles, as well as to the men (and women!) who designed, built, and rode them into battle. 
Thomas's Home Page  
TrackHead, The This might be the first Greek Web site dedicated to plastic scale modelling but no doubt is the first one exclusively devoted to A.F.V.
Twenot Regio Zuidwest Dutch Armour Association or TWENOT
VoNg's model homepage  
Wolter's Plastic Model Page  

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Cars: (189 links)

1/24 Automobilia - ArteCar24 Only 1/24 scale classic and antique cars, trucks and motocicles. (In spanish.)
ACME, Atlanta Car Model Enthusiasts  
Acura - Honda NSX Models  
Adam's Models and Rusty Wallace Fan Page.  
Alex Kung's Web Page  
Alfa Romeo Miniatura A non-commercial site specialized in Alfa Romeo 1/43 scale models
Alfa Romeo miniature models On this site you can see the most beautiful pictures of ALFA ROMEO MINIATURE MODELS
American Race Collectibles Nascar Diecast An original secure site for motorsport and Nascar Die-cast collectibles and  COOL SITE OF THE DAY WINNER.
American Trucks  
Auto Scale Enthusiastics  
Auto Scale Model Site On this site I'll try to present all that I know about car scale modeling.
Automotive addiction  
Az hosers's Home Page 7  
Baby Bimmer Home Page  
Bandit's Garage & Homepage  
Bburago CZ Unofficial Bburago pages - CZ
Bburago Homepage Unofficial Bburago pages - Dutch
Beetle shop in Paris  
Bill's Ferrari Models Inside are pictures of model projects, a buy sell and trade list, links of interest to modelers as well as ferrari fans, and details of my current projects.
Blu4's Home Page  
Bluzboy97's Hot Wheels Page  
BOULEVARD STYLES WEB SITE Things about hydro cars.
Brian's Modeling Center This is website devoted to the building, collecting and showing of models.
Buffalo Road Hobby Imports Construction Scale Models, Trucks, Cars, Planes for collectors of toys
Car Modeling Hiroaki Fukuda's Sports and Race Car Modeling Page
CARSWEB This is the place where you want to be if  you need any information on cars or items that are car related. You will be able to find lots of interesting items such as manufacturers, new models, car clubs, sport, classic cars, tuning, cars for sale, spare parts etc. etc.
Cegerer's 143rd Diecast Website  
Chris's Cars I make models from plastic kits, mainly cars, from manufacturers such as Tamiya and AMT/Ertl. As you will see I have a diverse range of automotive interests.
Citroen Cars  
CJ's Scale Auto Modeling Corner Cars from the 30's to the 70's, customs, cruisers, lead sleads, hot rods & so on. 
Classic Construction Models We make museum quality brass and die cast scale models of classic and modern construction equipment.  Our models offer a high level of detail in accurate scale. 
Classic Hobby We have many fire and police decals, light bars and accessories (antennas, push bars,etc.)
Crescent Station For over 12 years, we have been providing 1/87th Scale Model Vehicles to model railroaders and vehicle collectors.
Custom Model Building These are just a few of the things I have built,I have also built tank trucks, pups, trackhoes, bed trucks, low boys, 400's and even a fifth wheel camper. I hope you enjoy looking at these models as much as I did making them.
Dean's Model Kit and Toy Museum  
D. L. Burgess Woodworking Specializing in scale model trucks, trailers and heavy duty Equipment
Die Cast Pro Web site devoted to providing information for collectors of die cast vehicles.
Die Modellwerkstatt  
Diecast Car Collectors A club for model car enthusiasts.
Driven By Desire  
Ekamper's Modelcars  
Elwin's Homepage  
Eric's Chevelle and models page Page is about my car, model cars, car shows, and racing.
Eric's Model Car Page I really like model cars and I know that other like them too, that is why I built this page. I have alot of cool stuff that is fun to look at.
Everett's Model's  
EWA THE source for diecast model cars, car books, car videos and car magazines like Autosport, Classic & Sportscar, LeMans Ra
F1M Frontdoor F1 Modeling site.
Fisher Model & Pattern 1/24 scale resin kits of classic and vintage racing cars
Fred's Model World Specializing in affordable obsolete model car and truck kits.
Glue Brothers Scale Automotive Website  
Gool's Model Police Cars  
Grand Prix Miniatures The One Source of 1:43rd and Larger scale Exclusive Car Models and Accessories in Australia!
Grand Prix Modelers Association  
Group 25 Model Car Builders Club  
GSL XVII Home Page Official Web site for the GSL International Model Car Championship
Headwater Modelers  
Hobby Shack  
Hobby Stuff. Information and links on some of our favorite hobbies.  
HUCKMAN'S HOME I love to build model cars,although I built them as a child it wasn't til about five years ago that I returned to the hobby.
Huron Valley Model Builders  
Indulge Yourself  
Interspace Online  
Jaguar Model Club  
John's Homepage  
John Roberts Custom-Built Model Cars Custom-built model cars are all 1/43 scale and based on existing handbuilt white metal models.
JS Model Car Pages In these pages you can read and learn more about scale model car building, see some of my models, find links to other modellers, modelsites, shops and manufacturers, and reviews about Renault, Alpine and Ford GT40 kits, and more...
JTV Creative Services Hobbies  
Kevin's Modelpalusa Hundreds of discontinued and new plastic model car kits, Amt, Monogram, Mpc, Revell.
Kims homepage I like to build cars and trucks,stock and mild customs.
Kim`s US cars n`stuff  
Kirk's Model Car Mania  
Korkut's Modeling Homepage I love to forget about the business-rush with model-making. I work with plastic kits ; but my specialty is scrap-building . I use whatever material it may be ; but for cars the main material is sheet tin metal.
Kyle Guerry's Stock Car Model Museum  
Kyle's Scale Model building page  
Let's Get Small In my spare time after work, I build original model car parts and kits in 1/8 and 1/12 scale.
Little Pit Road An award winning site for NASCAR* modelers to show their stuff and get help with the construction process.
Lotus Models Collectors Page  
Lowrider Models  
Lowroller Model Club  
Mario Vetere's Model Car Page As this page is built, I will feature pictures of my own models, pictures of other excellent models, various tips, hints, and techniques I have used.
Mark S. Gustavson's Custom Clinic  
MARYLAND AUTOMOTIVE MODELERS ASSOCIATION The Maryland Automotive Modelers Association was formed Ten years ago by a few dedicated modelers who enjoyed building models and helping each other.
MATTHEW'S 124 SCALE MODEL PAGE This page is dedicated to the 1:24 scale car and all those that build it!!
Matt Stricker's Model Page A Revell-Monogram kit was used to build this Ford Delivery Sedan in use for United Parcel Service, circa 1937.
Mazda Miniatures-G.J.M. de Vaal This page is to inform you as good as possible about the miniature and scale models which have been made in the past, present and future.
Medlem i  
Merrymeet Model Cars The home of scale model racing cars
MHB MODELING Modeling page in French.
Mike's Mini Garage, Scale Automotive Art & Building Services Home page  
Mike's Model Madness!  
Mis Modelos A Escala  
Model Car Cafe' Lot's pics of model cars.
Model Car Creations This is the place for hand crafted model cars and trucks.
Model Car Lot, The I have a tips page, I have some photos of my models, and I have some links.
Model Car Mania! This site is dedicated to Model Car builders and collectors. 
Modelcar Newsletter  
Model Car List Home Page  
Model Cars Page, The The Brazilian model cars.
Modelgarage 's Home Page  
Model Truck & Fire Apparatus Co. Fire trucks.
Modelers's Home Page As you will see here I like building "stock" and "mild".
Models Inc.  
Model Hub  
Models build by J. Antikainen - J.Antikaisen pienoismalleja My hobby number one is building scale models of cars, mostly made in America.
Motor Cycle Scale Modeling Motorcycle modeling page.
Motorcycle Modeler Here you will find pictures and short comments of the models that me and my friends have build or are in the process of building. There is also a special page where you can see how the hobby is developing in El Salvador.
And finally there is my links page with only motorcycle-related sites.
Modelgarage 's Home Page Patrick Owen's model cars.
Music City Modelers  
Mustangs and Shelbys  
My personal ferrari modelcar page One of my hobby's is collecting miniatures of the car make from Maranello better known as Ferrari.
My Scale Cars  
Navigate Models This is the home site of a modelers club mainly building USA classic and custom car models.
N. Levy Collectible Texaco Toys  
NNL Western Nationals 1999 NNL Western Nationals Model Car Show
North Carolina Hot Wheels Association  
Page d'accueil  
Pat Campbell's Scale Model Page  
Performance Model Car Club  
Plastic gallery  
Plastic Motorcycle Models Team Quad's Plastic display motorcycle models
Pocher Kits - Randy Owens Prints Brady Ward Scale Autoworks
PORSCHE 356A Speedster  
Porsche Modeler 993 Turbo page  
Quality Toys for Quality Time Wood Kits, Wooden Scale Models of Heavy Equipment
Randy Ayers' Nascar Modeling Center If you like to build Nascar Winston Cup Models this is a place you'll want to visit often.
Ridgway Die-Cast Collectables Specialising in Quality Die-Cast With Forum And ICQ List
Rio de Janeiro Model Car Club  
Roadsters - Model Car Kits  
Russell's Piotrowski Web Page  
Russell Whaley's Page Some links to pictures of some of my models and also a link to a page of after market suppliers.
Russian Diecast Shop and Catalog Russian/Soviet Models Page
Russische Modellautos  
Scale Auto Kingdom  
Scale Dreams Model Car Detailing and Aftermarket Supplies  
Scale Model Corvettes The Scale Model Corvette web pages are for those who enjoy building, talking or posting pictures of their favorite model Corvettes... whether it's a replica stock or a far out custom.. you will find it here.. so stop and visit a while.
Scale models of Alfa Romeo  
Scale Model Supply  
Scale models - France  
Scale models of Alfa Romeo  
Scale Models Website  
Schizoid's Model Page  
Silicon Valley Scale Vehicles  
Sody's Scale Hot Rods  
Stephen Mackie's Models  
Stock Car Model Museum  
STRICTLY STOCK.COM The Model Car Enthusiast's Online Resource
Strona domowa Lukasa - Lukas Homepage  
TDMG - The Dunnivan Model Garage  
The Central Michigan Junior Scale Modelers  
The Dunnivan Model Garage  
The Formula 1 Modeling Website  
The National Model Car Builders' Museum  
The Opel Racing and Rally Page  
The South African NNL  
The Tips and Techniques Page  
Tony Bose homepage  
Toys For Big Boys Sale-Trade  
Treasure Coast Scale Auto Society  
Truck Model Kits  
Tweekin's Model Car Projects Home Page  
Welcome to the New Models Inc.  
Welcome to the BATMODELS! Batman models.
William's Homepage!  
Wizard's Miniature Cars Garage  
Wm's NASCAR Model Page  

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IPMS, SIG, CLUBS: (89 links)

Amt IPMS ticino
Armor Modeling and Preservation Society - Main Page
Asahi Journal Web Edition
Augusta Scale Modlers Association Home Page
Aviaçao Militar Portuguesa


Bienvenus sur le site du Club de la Vallée de l'Ousse
BMSS Home Page
Central Michigan Junior Scale Modelers, The
Charlotte Scale Modelers Online
Check Your Six - the IPMS-USA Region Six Newsletter
Club Modellismo Storico Cagliari
Esbjerg Modelbyggerforening
Figurinistes & Maquettistes Payernois, le club pour tous les amateurs de miniatures
Fleet Air Arm Homepage
Ghost Club Int. for Rolls-Royce Collectors, The
Glue Brothers
Golden Wings
Gpmg Home Page
Home of the SCMA
Hong Kong
IPMS-Alamo Squadron
IPMS-Albuquerque Scale Modelers
IPMS Baltimore Journal, The
IPMS Belgium
IPMS - Birmingham - Phlasher Phorum
IPMS Buzz Beurling
IPMS Craig Hewett Chapter

IPMS-Danmark's hjemmeside.
IPMS Eagle Squadron
IPMS Ecuador
IPMS-Fame Cities Chapter
IPMS Fi-1877 Page!, The
IPMS-Florida 1999 Nationals
IPMS Fresno
IPMS Houston
IPMS Israel
International Plastic Modeller's Society - Italian Branch

IPMS Queensland
IPMS Mar del Plata
IPMS Metro Oklahoma City
IPMS Mexico
IPMS New Jersey
IPMS Provinces of France
IPMS Stockholm
IPMS-Stockton Tomcats - ONLINE!
IPMS Tomcats Online!
IPMS Toronto
IPMS Washington DC
Launceston Scale Model Club
Long Island Scale Model Society
Maketarski klub Penkala
Model Car Gallery International
Model Car List Members page
Modelers Choice Model Club
Model Design Construction Scale Models, Conversion and Detail Sets Resin, Plastic
Moonlight Modelers Car Club, The
Napoleon's Military Miniatures Barracks or Ontario Model Soldier Society
National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
Nato Tiger Squadrons
North Central West Virginia Scale Modelers
Performance Model Car Club of South Florida
Perth Military Modelling Society
PMC-Dortmund e.V.
Scale Modeling Club
SF Horizons
SSMA Home Page
South Carolina Modelers
Suffolk Scale Model Club
The Central New Jersey Chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society
USMM-Plastic Modelers Association
West Michigan IPMS
WINGS & WHEELS Modelers Homepage

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Figures: (32 links)

Anime Model Kits  
Ant's Nest  
Aurora Monster Kit Site, The This site is entirely devoted to the horror and prehistoric related plastic model kits, which were manufatured during the 60´s and 70´s by an American company called Aurora Plastics Inc. Along with the informative text, the site provides you with scans of boxes, instruction sheets and ads as well as pictures of built-up models. There are also some links to other monster and/or model related sites, some of which who can provide you with original and remakes of the kits.
Burani web This site is dedicated to my favorite hobby: painting and modelling 54mm Military Miniatures.
Casting Miniatures A Beginner's Guide to Making and Using Rubber Molds
Christian's Garagekits  
Cody's coop  
Doc Roc's Valley of the Supermodels The Art of Fine Scale Figure Models This is a gallery featuring fine scale models of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comic book characters which I have assembled and painted.
Draddog's SciFi and Fantasy Universe featuring Books, Toys, Models, and Computer Games  
Frag's Stuff  
Guido Burani's Home Page  
Horror figure models by Rob Irwin  
Land 'o Gunk and Gruel  
NCampb4861's Home Page  
Ontario Model Soldier Society  
Paul Kelly's Figure Gallery  
Plankspanker World Headquarters  
Roy Summers Figures  
Scary Terry's Model Kit Madness  
Scott's Military Modeling Page  
Scotty's Scale Soldiers  
The Miniature Place
A site geared towards collecting and painting 25mm miniatures. We mostly concentrate on single figures rather than on armies, but everyone is welcome to join in!
Toy Soldiers - An On Line Gallery  
Welcome to Peter's Picture Page!  
Welcome to Sweet Darkness Studios  
World of Garage Kit Modeling  
Worster Miniatures  

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SF: (16 links)

Abe Duran's Star Trek Models  
CultTVman's SF Modeling Page!  
Defiant's Model Page  
Doug's Sci-Fi Model Kit Showcase  
Jim's Master Modeling Tips Description: Learn the secrets of building movie quality models with tools around your house and for little money.  Complete step-by-step instructions with full color pictures to guide you to your best work yet!
Marc's Classic Star Trek Modeling

Hints and tips for building Star Trek- The Original Series Models

MASALIGO Personal web pages of a french canadian spaceship modeler. It is in french but in the "Modélisme" pages you can see many pictures of my finished models and those in construction. I scratchbuilt 90% of my models and I keep the kitbashing minimal. Many of my old models are made of cardboard.
Michael Duguay's Modeling Page  
NCampb4861's Home Page  
San Francisco Fleet Yards  
Scale Modeling, Star Trek, NASA, Soviet - DAVE'S MISSION CONTROL  
Starman's Model's  
Star Trek and Science Fiction Models This site is dedicated to providing information about the construction of Star Trek models from the Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager and also models from other Science Fiction genres, such as Babylon 5, Alien, 2001 and Lost in Space.
Starship Modeler Science Fiction, Fantasy and Real Space Scale Modeling
The Hangar - Vinci's Modeling and SF Web Page  

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Aviation Resource: (88 links)

12 O'clock High! Luftwaffe Page  
A-12 Avenger II  
A-3 Skywarrior Homepage  
ACES HIGH The Finest in Aviation Photography and Aircraft Stock Photographs.  
Action ! F-4 Phantom Power The site for f-4 enthusiasts offering f-4 photos, f-4 information, f-4 patches, f-4 links and more......
Aeromodelistas Guetamalcos en el WEB  
Aircraft Page  
Air Force Link - Official Web Site of the U. S. Air Force  
Airshows and Military aircraft  
Airspeed Homepage  
Alexander Spiteri's Aviation Page  
Andrés Contador's Military Aviation Homepage  
Aurora Aircraft Page  
Aviation Photographics Home  
AVRO Lancaster Heavy Bomber  
Barbarossa's Hangar Aircraft of the Luftwaffe  
Bell 47 Helicopter  
Caporelli Aviation Images  
Combat Aircraft Homepage  
Duncan's F-86 Sabre Website  
Fandal's WWII Aviation Archive  
Flight Journal Aircraft Photo Gallery  
Flight Journal F4U-1A Corsair  
German Aircraft Markings  
Hardy's camo corner  
Hawker Hurricane-Warbirds-Aircraft  
Hlkans Aviation page Biplane fighter aces from the Second World War
Japan Air Self Defense Force Homepage  
Japanese Aviation & Military Web Ring  
Japanese Aviation on Mark's Index  
Jeremy Harkin's Military Aircraft Archive  
JG 26 Homepage  
Joe Baugher's Home Page  
License 2 Kill--Military Aircraft Archive  
Links to Related Sites  
Luftwaffe Resource Page - Directory  
MAPS Air Museum The MAPS Air Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the history of aviation and its impact upon society.
Messerschmitt Me 262 Stormbirds At War.  
Myhrman's aeroplanes  
Military Plane Library  
Modern Aircraft Walk Around Site This site is being developed with the model builder in mind. These pictures are selected with a modelers perspective on detail, showing in clear detail items such as landing gear, cockpits and so forth. Are you in search of a picture of a B1-B Bomber boarding ladder, or the landing gear of a Viper? You have come to the right place! 
National Air & Space Museum Exhibition Galleries Map  
Ninfinger Productions Scale Models  
Patrick Barnes' Navy Air Page  
Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery  
Petes homepage  
Phantom's Lair, F-4,Phantom F-4,USAF, VietNam  
Phil's Military Aircraft Page  
Philippe's Aviation page  
RAAF Museum  
Russian Aviation Museum  
Royal Australian Air Force  
Secret and Strange Projects of the Luftwaffe  
Sergei's Russian Aviation Museum  
Simon's F-14 Tomcat Page  
Sky Flash  
Society of Wild Weasels  
Solo Aviation  
Spitfire - An Operational History  
Spitfire and Hurricane Museum  
Stalag 13 BBS Luftwaffe Database Index  
Sturmstaffel 1  
SUNET's Index of -pub-pictures-vehicles-aircraft  
The Aerodrome  
The Gunfighter's Page  
The Israeli Air Force  
The Unofficial Home of the Harrier  
Thunder & Lightnings  
TOTAVIA - Adrian Cybriwsky Aviation Image Archives  
US Military Aircraft  
US Military Aircraft Type Designations  
VFA-106 Information Page  
Vulture's Row  
Warbirds Resource Group - Main Directory  
Warplane Picture Gallery  
Web Ana - English  
Web-Birds Warbirds on the 'Web  
Welcome To S.A.M. ONLINE!  
World Air Power Journal  
World War II Aviation  
WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft  
YF-23 Archive  
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In  

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