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Air show Down under 99

Biggest so far as they say, Air show Down under 95 attracted some 350 000 people in two public days. Despite Russians didn't show up, we had chance to see for the first time big time bombers from 23 Bombers wing The Barons. The aircraft pictured participated in Dessert Fox operation before coming for a short visit to Australia. F-15 had put really impressive flight program, but equally was F-16 block 50 from south pacific. Breathtaking was also Apache which demonstrated some unbelievable flying characteristics. Visitors had chance to walk trough one of the biggest aircraft C5A Galaxy. it was a real Star trek expirience.After all dust had settled, we started looking forward to another one Air show Down under 2001. Till then, all the best. Roman.

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All photos are property of Roman Presecan.