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Tamiya News

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24220.jpg (6319 bytes)

1/24 Sports Car Series No.220
The famed rally car of Tommi Makinen, point leader in this season of the World Rally Championships. This kit authentically recreates the head turning Lancer VI right down to its bright red, New Zealand Rally dress. The suspension and engine have been recreated in high detail and the car is topped off by real rubber treaded tires.
Item 24220
14078.jpg (7165 bytes) Antena3 YAMAHA D'Antin YZR500 Overall length:168mm
1/12 Motorcycle Series No.78
Antena 3 Yamaha D'Antin continues its unstoppable assault of the 500cc class of the World Road Race. Now, the bike of that team's champion rider, Norifumi "Norick" Abe, is available as an easy to assemble, 1/12 scale plastic model kit. The delicate curvature of the body and seat cowling has been authentically recreated and is attached with tiny screws. Enjoy the realism of the 2-cycle V-type 4-cylinder engine, air-ducts, crankcase and other detailed parts.
Item 14078

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CALSONIC SKYLINE GT-R (R34) Overall length:192mm
1/24 Sports Car Series No.219
The Calsonic Skyline came back for the 1999 season and has already been transformed into a 1/24 assembly model kit. Its stylish body overflows with authenticity, including fins on both sides of front spoiler, side fins, and rear wing stay. Delight in the detailed construction of this GT championship machine.

Item 24219                                                                                     *Picture shows prototype.

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McDONNELL DOUGLAS F-15J EAGLE Overall length:605mm
1/32 Aircraft Series No.7
A variation on arguably the finest fighter plane of all time, the F-15, the F-15J (Japan Air Self Defence Force) has been authentically recreated in 1/32 scale. The J-type is equipped with thin mass balances on both fins and J/APR-4 antennas attached to the front edges of the main wings and rear edges of the fins. The nose mounted radome can be viewed even after completion by easy removal of the access panel. Markings for eight flight squadrons and 5 aircraft numbers are included as decals. Kits also includes pilot figure.
Item 60307

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De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II Overall length:174mm
1/72 War Bird Collection No.47
The latest addition to the War Bird Collection is the all-wooden Mosquito of the RAF. With this kit, you may choose to assemble the model in either the FB Mk.VI fighter bomber version or the NF Mk. II night fighter version. 500 pound bombs and rockets for the FB type, and radar antenna for the NF type are included in kit. Enjoy the delicate construction of the main wings and detailed cockpit. Kit includes markings for three planes.

Item 60747                                                                                    *Picture shows prototype.